Chapter 1: Philosophy and Overview

Chapter 1 explains what it means to be fluent in the language of music. Using the analogy of spoken language, I explain the important skills involved in expressing yourself, and how to approach learning them. Click the subheadings below to read more.


A short story that illustrates my reasons for writing this book.

Music And Language

Thoughts on why learning music is a lot like learning a new language, and why music is important.

Learning Through Improvisation

Why improvisation is so important in the learning process, and in self-expression.

Learning vs Expressing

Learning new concepts can expand our possibilities for future self-expression. But in the process of learning, it might not feel very expressive.


An important difference between singing and playing an instrument.

Intellectual vs Intuitive

Contrasting two extreme ways of approaching music, and why we need both.


This book is applicable to all Genres of music. How can that be so?