See below for links to all the exercises in the book.


Tempo Exercise 1: Feeling the Underlying Pulse
Tempo Exercise 2: Playing at Different Speeds
Tempo Exercise 3: Being Precise
Tempo Exercise 4: Keeping Steady Time
Tempo Exercise 5: Combining Steadiness and Precision
Note Length Exercise 1: From Whole Notes to 16th Notes
Note Length Exercise 2: Mixing It Up
Note Length Exercise 3: Making It Your Own
Note Length Exercise 4: Dotted Notes
Note Length Exercise 5: Triplets
Note Length Exercise 6: Swing
Note Length Exercise 7: Advanced Beat Divisions
Grouping Beats Exercise 1: Improvising With Time Signatures
Grouping Beats Exercise 2: Emphasizing Weak Beats
Building Rhythms Exercise 1: Leaving Notes Out
Building Rhythms Exercise 2: Placing One Note
Building Rhythms Exercise 3: Accenting Notes
Building Rhythms Exercise 4: Leaving Triplets Out
Building Rhythms Exercise 5: Placing One Triplet
Building Rhythms Exercise 6: Accenting Triplets


Melody Ear Training Exercise 1: Identifying Notes in a Scale
Melody Ear Training Exercise 2: Playing By Ear
Melody Ear Training Exercise 3: Practicing Scales
Melody Ear Training Exercise 4: Practicing the Minor Scale
Melody Ear Training Exercise 5: Learning Scales through Improvisation
Melody Ear Training Exercise 6: Intervals and Distinguishing between Scales
Melody Ear Training Exersice 7: Atonal Ear Training


Harmony Ear Training Exercise 1: Identifying Intervals
Harmony Ear Training Exercise 2: Types of Chords
Harmony Ear Training Exercise 3: Adding Chords to a Melody
Harmony Ear Training Exercise 4: Creating Two- and Three-Part Harmonies
Harmony Ear Training Exercise 5: Chord Progressions